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Bungendore Fine Art Gallery

Bungendore Fine Art Gallery
Bungendore Fine Art Gallery

Art galleries have always been a spot to stop and explore for me. Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to visit so many art galleries, the ones with price labels over the moon, artists with attitudes and pieces not always my taste or the ones with more reasonable prices, welcoming artists and pieces of high quality. Among all these galleries and artists, Bungendore Fine Art Gallery and its talented artists have always been my favourite.

This small gallery in Ellendon Street, hiding in the shadow of the prestigious Bungendore Wood Works Gallery is run by artists themselves in the manner of a rotating shift. It never happens that I am in Bungendore and don’t stop there to buy artwork or postcards of artworks from artists.

Artists at Bungendore Fine Art Gallery

Over the years I have met a couple of artists selling their beautiful works of art there. Among them; Ray BarnettMarion Schumacher, Valerie Le MaitreSue Grieves and Janette McGuffog I’d like to share their works and photos with you here.

  • With Janette McGuffog WomanAndThoughts
  • Postcards of Jannette McGuffog's paintings

Audacity of Our World

I have always been amazed with our world and the audacity of it. A world where artists like Van Gogh die poor and heart broken while dreaming of recognition from his fellow artists. But just after his death, he receives such recognition and decades after, galleries after galleries open to showcase his work of arts alongside that of Monet, Millet and Gauguin not only as equals but as the masterpieces of all time.

I never understood this wildness and I don’t think I ever will!

I remember when I bought my beautiful watercolour paintings in Esfahan, I haggled with the shop keeper who was the painter’s son to reduce the price and he said something that not only made me quiet then but stayed with me forever, “Shouldn’t a good unique painting be worth at least as much as a ring you wear, they are both works of art.”

I am not a dealer who buys art for investment. I buy it to look at it and enjoy it. Beautiful and unique artworks must be available to everyone to enjoy not only at the galleries but at their homes. I also believe in promoting and supporting our artists in their lifetime, so that they can also enjoy their journey.

Don’t forget to visit Bungendore Fine Art Gallery and its amazing artists next time you visit Bungendore.

Shop Artworks on Woman & Thoughts

You can buy cards of Local Artists’ original artworks online from this website as well. I hope I could also make available to you original art works of talented local artists through my small online business in the near future.

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