1990 Seagull Pewter Daffodil Candle Snuffer, Canada


Finely designed and detailed rare pewter candle snuffer in the shape of a daffodil. Dated 1990 and signed Seagull Pewter, Canada.

Second hand. Refer to media for more details.

“Pewter is a precious metal, just not as precious as platinum, gold or silver.   
It is the 4th most popular metal that is used for jewellery making, so basically the term fine-precious metal is more exact.
Pewter is a metal that is 90% tin mixed in with a bit of copper and has a very low melting point…”  What is Pewter Really and Why Does it Look Like Silver? – Alef Bet by Paula

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1990 Seagull Pewter Daffodil Candle Snuffer, Canada

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