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Amazon Deals

Amazon Prime

Why I am promoting Amazon?

Firstly, I like Amazon. Even though they don’t support Farsi/Parsi/Persian language and I couldn’t publish my eBook in Farsi/Parsi/Persian on kindle. I believe they have created a trustworthy platform and lots of jobs. They are also offering some really good products.
Secondly, I have always liked to write about books I read or movies I watch and recommend them to others. Since I was doing it anyway, I decided to monetize it.
Thirdly, as an Amazon Associate, I make a fixed commission from these deals; therefore, I will be able to keep running my Amazon associate account and also this website, which is important to me. So, if you are interested in any of these deals I am listing here for you, just need to click on the link or banner and finalize your purchase on Amazon in Australia or the US.

How do You Work with Amazon?

I am sure you are pretty familiar with Amazon and how it works, but if you don’t, go to this link to learn how to create an account. Obviously, to be able to order from Amazon, you need to have an amazon account created.

Apparently, Amazon has different deals for different countries so I am going to list deals for two countries which I get the most viewers from.

List of available Amazon Deals for Australians

Amazon deals in Australia are less than that in the US so I have included some links showcasing best seller products in different categories here for you:

Best Sellers in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
Best Sellers in Pet Supplies
Best Sellers in Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
Best Sellers in Stationery & Office Products
Best Sellers in Computers
Best Sellers in Health, Household & Personal Care
Best Sellers in Home
Best Sellers in Electronics
Best Sellers in Baby
Best Sellers in Beauty

Explore some of my favorite items on Amazon:

Learn about Prime Day

Learn about the differences between the Amazon Music Subscriptions from here.

Explore Books I recommend to buy from Amazon

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List of available Amazon Deals for US Residents

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