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Woman Life Freedom

Woman Life Freedom

Where dose the slogan Woman, Life, Freedom come from?

Woman Life Freedom is a slogan originated from the Kurdish motto “Jen Jian Azadi”. It is a slogan adopted by all Iranians regardless of race, religion and sex in their fight against a terrorist, conservative and radical regime, “The Islamic Republic” regime in Iran. It is coming from the belief that women were the first ever people who were suppressed and contained so FREEDOM is achieved for everyone when Women who are the source of life are free!

Woman Life Freedom
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Zoroastrianism: Myth vs Reality

Zoroastrianism: Myths vs Realities

With an open mind, seek and listen to all the highest ideals. Consider the most enlightened thoughts. Then choose your path, person by person, each for oneself.

Ashu Zarathushtra (Zoroaster)

My Journey to know Ashu Zarathustra

Zoroastrianism: Myth vs Reality, I was nine years old the first time I heard about Zoroastrians. We were guests at a family friend’s house in Tehran. I noticed a calendar on the wall that had different months, days, and images than what I was used to seeing. When I asked the adults about it, they explained that it was a Zoroastrian calendar. On the car ride back home from the party, I asked my parents about Zoroastrians and all I can recall is my father saying: “They are very nice people who never tell lies”.
It’s amazing how little moments like that can stick with you for a lifetime.

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My Amazon Wish List

My Amazon Wish List

There are lots of items I want to buy for my home, family and myself but I need to prioritise spending money. So I decided to create an Amazon Wish List for myself here and review it each year!

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Religions & People


You don’t have to be religious to be righteous & you don’t have to have a religion to believe in God!

Zahra Pedram Jafari

Religions and People; unbelievably, in the 21st century, AI is taking the world by surprise, and yet we have even more religious people than ever.

In an Gaurdian article by Harriet Cherwood, she states that “Faith is on the rise and 84% of the global population identifies with a religious group”.

Religions & People
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What is Faravahar?

Faravahar Bracelet

The Meaning

The Faravahar is a symbol of great importance in Persian culture and history. It is an ancient Zoroastrian symbol that represents “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” and is a reminder to live a good and virtuous life. The Faravahar is often worn as a symbol of pride and identity by Iranians and Persians and is also commonly seen as a symbol of freedom, independence, and self-determination. It is also believed to be a symbol of the connection between the individual and the divine.

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Africans’ Portrayal Throughout History

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Africans' Portrayal Throughout History
African Figures Part of the Persian Empire was carved 2500 years ago on Parseh (Shiraz/Iran) alongside other nations and ethnicities.
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Iran Flag History

Iran Sun & Lion Flag

The Iran Flag, standard, or as it is called in old Persian, “Derafsh”, has a long and interesting history.

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