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Calthorpes’ house

Calthorpes’ house

They say Canberra was supposed to be “the bush capital”. It is such a shame that the size of land available is decreasing whilst the price is increasing, this resulting in the lack of land needed for such a city. Instead, Canberra has now turned into a city dominated by charmless and ugly modern buildings. I am sure Walter Burly Griffin would not be happy to see how his garden city turned out to be!

The Calthorpes’ House is a charming rather small and cozy house surrounded by a beautiful big garden frozen in time.
It sort of reminds me of Miss Havisham’s mansion in Dickens’s Great Expectations or Pompeii in Italy.  It is indeed a hidden gem in Canberra that must be cherished for generations to come.

The Calthorpes described themselves as a middle class family inspite of having a beautiful cozy house in the most expensive street in Canberra as well as going to one of the most expensive schools, having a maid, addtional help and all sorts of expensive gagets requried to at time live a comfortabe life. They even had a pony they rode in ´the bush capital` as it really was in 1927.

I, myself can exactly relate to this type of thinking as I once described myself as a middle class citizen inspite of living in a comfortable cozy apartment in one of the best neighbourhoods located in the wealthist part of the capital city of Iran (Tehran) surrounded with all sorts of comfort, additional help for both inside and outside the apartment as well as going to the best schools in the city.

Even though I was blessed with such comfort, I still saw myself as a middle class citizen  just because I was surrounded with people way wealthier than us!

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