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New Amsterdam Series

New Amsterdam- woman and thoughts

I am watching this amazing American series ,New Amsterdam, which is addressing all the beautiful things I love about humanity, all the things that I have almost forgotten after living a decade in a capitalist system. 

To be fair Australia is not yet as bad as the United States and still we can find rays of socialism at least in its healthcare system. I watch this series and admire its creators who think out of the box . I can see again through their eyes the light the world has to offer but suddenly…..

I stop at the end of S2 E2 “The big picture”  in which there is a prisoner who looks Arab but is named Bijan which is a pure ancient Iranian/Persian name and he talks about  “One thousand and One Nights” book which is about a Persian king from Sasanian period whose wife tells him stories from around the Sasanian Empire at the time and in this series they call it  “Arabian Nights”.

I am suddenly not willing to watch another episode, I feel like  something has been stolen from me again for the millionth time, my identity, my childhood, my memories, my background, my people’s wisdom. 

Could this be yet another American political scheme to follow what Britain started many years ago to try to isolate, divide and clear a nation from the map? or those brilliant writers behind this amazing series are not knowledgable enough to know these facts despite millions of successful Iranians living in their society all around them.

Could they really erase a nation from the map which has been the first in many things throughout history and rewrite history as they have already started? 

Then I suddenly lost all my hope and I realise that Americans do not want humanity for all  people around the world, still pigs are smarter so they entitle themselves to get more than the other animals at the farm. New Amsterdam series is beautiful and inspiring but it is not for all!

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