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Ladies in Black Movie

Ladies in Black Movie

Novel & Movie

Ladies in Black directed by Bruce Beresford is another Australian movie based on The Women in Black novel written by Madeleine St. John.

People often think the world has changed dramatically over the years, decades or centuries but the truth is nothing has really changed. We might have a more comfortable life due to technological and industrial developments but we are still the same as those who lived years, decades or centuries ago on this planet. We have the same pride, emotions and selfishness.

Watching Ladies in Black reminded me of this continously ignored fact once more.

Australian viewers can buy the Ladies in Black DVD from here, Blue ray from here  or watch it on Prime Video for only $6.99 per month. You can also buy the Women in Black Kindle edition, Paperback, Audiobook, Hardcover and Audio CD from Amazon.

I am an immigrant with a financially and socially settled life back in my birth country, a country which is mysterious and unknown to Australians. I Also worked in a fashion chain store upon my arrival in spite of my academic background so I could connect with this interesting movie and the writer behind it at the deepest level and really enjoyed watching it.

It might be good to keep in mind when watching this movie or reading the book that; Madeleine ‘s mother was French and she killed herself when Madeline was only 12 years old and also Madeleine didn’t identify as an Australian!

Madeleine’s biography

You can also buy Madeleine’s biography written by Helen Trinca from Amazon to learn more about her. I find this biography a bit biased with the writer’s point of view vastly injected in it but still, it gives an overview of Madeleine’s life, personality and struggles.

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