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The Body Never Lies by Alice Miller

The Body Never Lies by Alice Miller

Read ‘The Body Never Lies‘ by Alice Miller to unlock answers to many questions you might have not even dared to ask; questions like “Should I always forgive and love my parents or those who hurt me to free myself from pain?”.

I don’t remember when it all started exactly. But I can guess. I think it was some time after turning 40 years old. One day I suddenly felt my body not catching up with the speed of my life anymore. My joints started making strange, annoying noises and my muscles were cramped and painful all the time. My eyes declined so quickly that I couldn’t catch up with eye checkup routines and new prescriptions.

Despite all these symptoms, I still could manage to find an explanation or excuses to keep going. If I didn’t, bills were not getting paid. I was unhappy, overwhelmed and burnt out, but I didn’t care. Nobody cared. Occasionally, I saw a GP who charged me $85 at least for spending as little as 10 minutes to prescribe medications and cover up my symptoms. She advised me to exercise or insisted on me having anti-depressants so I could become numb and keep going. One of the GPs once joked that He is responsible to keeping patients on their feet so they could pay their taxes!

Years passed while I kept pushing myself until the day my regular headaches started and my neck swelled. I could hear that my body was begging me to do something. I couldn’t do anything except fool more into a state of ignorance by using more painkillers. Another four months passed in distress till I could take no more shit. One day I decided to quit my well-paid but long hours job with no satisfaction. It was time to focus on myself. I asked my GP for a neck MRI and started looking for another GP whose patients did not only survive but thrived!

auto-immune disease factors was slightly off. Apparently, at some point in my life, I had Glandular fever. Amazingly, none of the previous money-making GP machines diagnosed these problems. They just judged me, charged me and sent me back to keep living on painkillers.

I have always known that the source of physical pains is a sick spirit, living an empty unfulfilling life with stress and not having enough support and love. Guess what?

I have been correct all along. At least Alice Miller, writer of “The Body Never Lies“, thinks the same. She even goes one step further. Alice explains how cruel parenting, lack of love and support during childhood and “disregard emotions, the most vital function of the body,” could cause us to experience various forms of physical illnesses. She explains that our body registers the reality of our life and emotions regardless of our desperate push to ignore them, which eventually causes us to experience random diseases from anorexia to cancer!

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