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Woman Life Freedom

Woman Life Freedom

Where dose the slogan Woman, Life, Freedom come from?

Woman Life Freedom is a slogan originated from the Kurdish motto “Jen Jian Azadi”. It is a slogan adopted by all Iranians regardless of race, religion and sex in their fight against a terrorist, conservative and radical regime, “The Islamic Republic” regime in Iran. It is coming from the belief that women were the first ever people who were suppressed and contained so FREEDOM is achieved for everyone when Women who are the source of life are free!

Woman Life Freedom

For more than 40 days now my life has literally been on a halt. I wake up with news of suppression, rape, and murder in Iran and go to sleep with them. My physical body may be overseas but I am actually living in Iran. I haven’t been able to stop spreading news by sharing and posting on my personal Instagram about the courage and bravery of voiceless Iranians every second, or participate in the protests held in Australia in support of these brave women and men.

The Iranian Woman Life Freedom Movement

They say this is the first-ever women’s revolution in the world!
It all started with the death of a 22 years old Iranian Kurdish girl who had left her city Saghez to visit family members in the capital city of Iran, Tehran.
There have always been protests against the radical and terrorist Islamic regime since they stole Iran 43 years ago but the death of “Mahsa Jina Amini” was the last straw.
The morality police of Tehran arrested Mahsa because of wearing her scarf(hejab) incorrectly, showing part of her hair. They took her to the detention centre and beat her up. She later passed away in the hospital.
The death of this beautiful Iranian-Kurdish girl was so inhumane, brutal and unnecessary that it brought back all the memories of the executions and murders of innocent Iranians by the regime.

What are Iranians fighting for?

Iranians inside and outside of Iran who mostly had to flee the country because of the regime, all have their own story of pain and unfairness caused by the IR. They are now united once again to take their country back from those who not only brought insecurity to the people of Iran but to the whole world. They are fighting for dignity, freedom of choice and changing the regime. As descendants of Cyrus the Great who 2500 years ago created the human rights cylinder and united all Iranian tribes living together peacefully, they once again want to return to their roots.
The IR is killing men, women and children brutally, they suppress minorities because of their religion, race and sex. Children as young as seven years old are being beaten and killed.

Why the world must act now?

This is not only Iran’s fight. The IR’s religious fundamentalists are living in the Western world including Australia freely and have key responsibilities and influence. They promote their dangerous ideology and threaten Australian democracy. It is time we put pressure on the Australian government to cut the relationship with IR, and expel Iranian students and citizens affiliated with the IR. It is time to recognise the IRGC as a terrorist organisation and close its accounts in Australia. Please be the voice of Iranians who are fighting empty-handed for their freedom and saving lives by signing this petition which is on the Parliament house website.

Please watch Deepak Chopra and Zizek’s videos. They have explained the importance of this movement for the world. 

Also, you can refer to my IRAN highlights on my Instagram to learn more about Iran’s 2022 revolution. 

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