Two Centuries of Silence by Zarinkoob

“Professor Zarinkoob explores the reason behind the Sasanian downfall and how the uncouth Bedouins triumphed over an immense and glorious civilization such as that. During these two centuries- about which our recent historians have remained silent-why did Farsi become a “lost” language, obscure and traceless? In the time when Iranian swordsmen revolted against the Arabs under any pretext, fighting the Arabs and Muslims, how did Zoroastrian priests argue and debate in the light of knowledge and wisdom against the Muslim faith? Finally, why is a book that tells the tale of a most turbulent period of Iran’s history is titles Two Centuries of Silence and not Two Centuries of Chaos and Uproar? Prof. Zarinkoob’s colourful narrative unravels these mysteries through Iranian eyes and is delivered here only as they may.” Avid Kamgar – Translator

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Two Centuries of Silence is a translation of a book originally written in Farsi/Persian/Parsi by Professor Abdolhossein Zarinkoob in 1957.

Abdolhossein Zarinkoob was a scholar and professor of Iranian literature, history of literature, Persian culture and history. He was born on March 17, 1923, in  Iran, received his PhD from Tehran University in 1955 and held faculty positions at Oxford, Sorbonne, and Princeton University.

If you want to know about the importance of reading books written by Iranian writers and scholars about Iran/Persia and its ancient and modern history, read the Woman & Thoughts blog post, Persians: The Age of the Great Kings.

No one better than those who lived the culture would be able to write about it. They might have different perspectives toward the same event. After all, Iran is the oldest multicultural country with different ethnic groups, cultures and religions.

Two Centuries of Silence by Abdolhossein Zarinkoob is also available on Kindle


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